Emergency Response Planning

Emergency Response Planning (ERP) is the process of identifying and implementing plans and procedures to ensure your business/organization is able to recover quickly from disasters and/or major disruptions.

The goal of any Emergency Response Plan is to reduce the impact of a disaster, outage or interruption to an acceptable level. Emergency Response Planning can be thought of as Business Continuity Planning.

GRS' ERP specialists are comprised of industry peers of the highest calibre who can assist your organisation in formulating an Emergency Response Plan.

GRS can assist organizations to prevent disasters (when possible) and recover effectively to minimize the impacts to your organization, employees, customers and stake holders.

GRS ERP objective is to assist you to improve your emergency response, the continuity of operations, to improve sustainability and survivability to natural and manmade disasters.

Managers, Executives and officers of a company are ethically and morally bound to make decisions and implement plans that will enable the business to operate, provide a safe workplace and protect the environment. Many governments require companies by law to develop an ERP.

GRS can demonstrate the need for an ERP. Today the magnitude and incidence of disasters are increasing year by year. Your business cannot afford to neglect the importance of planning for emergencies and disasters.